In Love with Tomoko Fuse Boxes

I’ve made some delightful Tomoko Fuse boxes in the past few days, and this afternoon on the train to London.

The models are from her book in 2007, Origami of Wrapping and Boxes.

The book covers boxes (square, triangular), and gifts including envelopes, pouches, and decorations.

These are the boxes that I folded, with a few varieties on the lids.

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An Origami card inspired by Rio 2016 Olympics

Ten days ago, Singapore’s Joseph Schooling, dubbed “The Flying Fish”, won the first ever Olymic gold medal for Singapore.

The 21-year-old Singaporean defeated his childhood idol, American Michael Phelps, in the 100m butterfly swimming race, also setting an Olympic record time of 50.39 seconds.

Most of my family are in Singapore, so I made these origami to celebrate with them.

The national flag of Singapore, and 3 fish. Folded by Janet Williams.
The national flag of Singapore, and 3 fish on a card.

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Origami Party Dress in Minigami

This is my favourite origami party dress. The creator is Alison Reisel from the USA.

I learnt how to fold this dress from Minigami, by Gay Merrill Gross.

Minigami book by Gay Merrill Gross

Minigami is a delightful book, which contains beautiful mini origami projects for cards, gifts, and decorations. Origami Resource Centre has a page dedicated to Minigami.

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Review: Origami Rings and Wreaths by Tomoko Fuse

If you love making rings and wreaths, Tomoko Fuse’s Origami Rings and Wreaths is a good resource.

This origami book shows you a kaleidoscope of 28 decorative origami creations by Tomoko Fuse.

Tomoko Fuse Origami Rings and Wreaths

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Review: Zen Origami by Maria Sinayskaya

Today I’m going to show you my new favourite origami book.

Maria Sinayskaya’s first book, Zen Origami, is an absolute delight. The book features 20 modular forms. The book comes with a slipcase, and the box contains 400 sheets of beautiful origami paper (all 7.5cm x 7.5cm).

Zen Origami book by Maria Sinayskaya
Zen Origami book by Maria Sinayskaya

I like the whole design of the book. It was sealed so you couldn’t browse it in the shop. When I got home I was impressed by the presentation of the book, and is pleased with the care dedicated for this creative origami book.

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10 年前,她怀有身孕,发现乳癌,诊断为末期,医生给她 18个月的寿命,她必须提前生产,接受化疗。

18 个月后,她仍活着。接着,癌细胞移至脊椎,医生再给她半年寿命。现在,扩散到肺,仍在接受治疗。她三度抗癌,活了 10 年,医生已经哑口无言了。 Continue reading 一个癌症患者的平凡生活

少儿贺新年 -- 中文贺词吊饰



儿子最喜欢的贺词,就是 ‘大吉大利’ ,因为最容易写。

我折出了 12  张小长形模块,请儿子在上面写祝语。然后,把它们拼凑起来,组成了菱形十二面体 (rhombic dodecahedron)。这个模型,完全不用胶水。 Continue reading 少儿贺新年 -- 中文贺词吊饰


偶然知道,今天是 ‘世界折纸日’。世界折纸日,为期两个多星期,从 10 月 24 日到11月11日。

今年九月初,英国折纸协会在 Winchester (温彻斯特)开年会,英国各地的折纸迷齐聚,还有一些国际折纸专家也到场,开班授课、演讲。


我当时只是去参观折纸迷的展览品。拍了不少照片。既然现在是 ‘世界折纸日’,我就把这些照片贴在这儿,与大家分享吧!

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还有人说,日本在二战时干过太多坏事,不值得同情。 Continue reading 应不应该帮助日本?