Thank you – Fond memories that spark joy

Today I’ve left my job after three and a half years. I’ll be back to university to study after the summer.

I’ve made many origami flowers before – lilies and lotus are my favourite.

Origami flowers, lotus and lily, folded by Janet Williams.
Handmade origami flowers – lotus and lily.

Today I received real flowers from my beautiful colleagues. I’m privileged to have worked with these amazing colleagues. They are always kind, helpful, and dedicated. We’ve worked as a team and done the work that matters to us most – supporting youngsters to give them the best chance in life.

Toynbee parting gifts - pretty flowers from colleagues.

Through work, I’ve also started practising Yoga with a small group of colleagues.

It’s a wonderful way to deal with our inner emotions through breathing and stretching.

It’s a blessing to have left this precious work place and a part of me with mindfulness.

I always believe there’s a reason we have met and our paths have crossed.

Frog doing yoga. Stretching. Breathing. Image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” I shall cherish my fond memories of my happy days, and the many wonderful people in my life.

Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for the beautiful days we have had in the past few years. Thank you for your gifts today.

Let’s enjoy this beautiful song: Eurovision 1970 Ireland – Dana – All kinds of everything.

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Janet Williams 張玉雲

I am Janet Williams, an academic living in the southeast of England. I blog about culture, history, languages and my community. I created Chandler's Ford Today. During my spare time, I make Origami. Thank you for stopping by.

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