Origami Party Dress in Minigami

This is my favourite origami party dress. The creator is Alison Reisel from the USA.

I learnt how to fold this dress from Minigami, by Gay Merrill Gross.

Minigami book by Gay Merrill Gross

Minigami is a delightful book, which contains beautiful mini origami projects for cards, gifts, and decorations. Origami Resource Centre has a page dedicated to Minigami.

Origami party dress created by Alison Reisel, via Minigami. Dresses folded by Janet Williams.

I have made tens of these popular party dresses for friends. The dresses are used for elegant buntings too.

I’ll show you other models I made from this book in future posts.

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Janet Williams 張玉雲

I am Janet Williams, an academic living in the southeast of England. I blog about culture, history, languages and my community. I created Chandler's Ford Today. During my spare time, I make Origami. Thank you for stopping by.

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