Review: Origami Rings and Wreaths by Tomoko Fuse

If you love making rings and wreaths, Tomoko Fuse’s Origami Rings and Wreaths is a good resource.

This origami book shows you a kaleidoscope of 28 decorative origami creations by Tomoko Fuse.

Tomoko Fuse Origami Rings and Wreaths

Tomoko Fuse is one of my favourite origami teachers. She is also a master of modular boxes, which I’ll share in another post.

These rings and wreaths are made of unit origami. The colourful photos in the book are pleasing. They show you a variety of colour combination, and inspire creativity.

I particularly like the way that the book shows various effects of using different types of paper. Some rings are made of paper with marbling patterns, kraft paper, tracing paper, and very thin paper. The outcomes are very different, some are bold, some are harmonious, and some are cheerful.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Both beginners and experienced folders would all benefit from this book as it stretches your imagination and brings you joy with colour, designs, and harmony.

Here are a few rings and wreaths that I made following the instructions from the book.

Last year I used these as my Christmas decorations. Sometimes I would attach one wreath on a plain card and use it as a hand-made card for friends. For smaller wreaths, you could also use them as bookmarks.

Book Title: Origami Rings and Wreaths (Origami Rings & Wreaths: Amazon UK)
Creator: Tomoko Fuse
Diagrams: Clear and easy-to-follow.
Satisfaction rate: 5/5

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