Maurice Sendak: “我不专为儿童创作”

Brain Pickings 有这一篇 Maurice Sendak 的专访。作者:

Maurice Sendak 生前的最后一个专访,是在今年一月:Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak 。

Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak (Photo credit: Ryan Brunsvold)
Day 129 - 5/8/12: Maurice Sendak
Day 129 – 5/8/12: Maurice Sendak (Photo credit: IslesPunkFan)


COLBERT: Why do you write for children? 你为什么为儿童创作?

SENDAK: I don’t write for children. I write — and somebody says, ‘That’s for children!’ I didn’t set out to make children happy or make life better for them, or easier for them.  我并没专为儿童创作。我写作 — 可是,有的人却说:“那是给孩子看的!” 我根本没有刻意要让孩子们高兴,没想过要给他们快乐的童年。

COLBERT: Do you like them? 你喜欢小孩吗?

SENDAK: I like them as few and far between as I do adults — maybe a bit more, because I really don’t like adults at all.  和成人相比,也许有一点儿喜欢—–我根本不喜欢成人。

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