“Oh, typical!”


星期一是英国的公共假期(May Day),一连三天,微冷,微雨,不见暖日,有点儿扫兴。

碰到这样的事,英国人耸耸肩,吐出一句:“Oh, typical!”


在路上赶路,偏偏交通灯转红灯;在超市排队结帐,可是,你站的那一排总是特别慢,旁边柜台,却好像动作很快。这时候,“Oh, typical!” (老子怎么这么倒霉?)

英国的火车总是迟到,火车误点、说来不来,乃是常事。在月台上苦候的英国人,看看手表,低头继续看报,嘴里喃喃地说,“Oh, typical!”

Published by

Janet Williams 張玉雲

I am Janet Williams, an academic living in the southeast of England. I blog about culture, history, languages and my community. I created Chandler's Ford Today. During my spare time, I make Origami. Thank you for stopping by.

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